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There is strength in numbers. Whether it's your class, your church, co-workers or even just a few friends, any group can make a difference by organizing a fundraiser. Hold a bake sale to Fill a Stable. Have a Dance-a-thon to Stock a Medical Clinic. Organize a fundraising event and get started today.
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Clean water
Give clean water and save lives for years to come
By fundraising for clean water, you can help provide safe water to a family at risk and protect them from deadly water-borne diseases like typhoid and cholera. Give water. Give life!
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Fill a stable
Help fill a stable so a whole village can thrive
When you fill a stable with animals like a cow, goats, chickens, pigs, ducks and more-you can help give a poor family everything they need to get on their feet and make a brighter future!
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Empower Girls
Empower girls with the gift of education
Your group gift will give girls at risk access to education so they can finish school and realize their full potential.
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Stock a clinic
Stock a clinic with vital medicines and supplies
Your gift multiplies 14X in value to ship and/or purchase the needed supplies. Stock a clinic and help an entire community.
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Linden Christian School
These Linden Christian School students (below) raised more than $12,000 to stock medical clinics and the government matched every dollar donated for a total donation of over $24,000!
Linden Christian School

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